Join us for our 15th Annual EuroFoto Tour!
This trip is designed for all levels of photography-lovers. For those in the San Diego area, we will meet for pre-travel discussions. Those joining us from other cities can meet up with our group in Barcelona, Spain. While in Europe, we will walk through different neighborhoods of each city we visit. At the end of our time together, we will fly home, or you may opt to stay longer to explore other cities on your own. Who can participate in EuroFoto tours? This tour was designed with the 'serious' photographer in mind, but we certainly encourage anyone interested to join us. In past years, we've enjoyed groups comprised of beginning and advanced photo students, retired couples, professional photographers, families, and even 'point-n-shoot'ers who simply liked our concept and itinerary and wanted to travel with a group of photographers.

Discussion topics will include film vs. digital, camera and lens selection, tripods, night photography, , infrared (film and digital), black and white printing, environmental portraiture, landscape, and much more. Upon return to San Diego, you will have an opportunity to spend time printing in black and white or digital, on-campus at San Diego City College, in our new darkrooms and digital labs. Everyone on our tour will be encouraged to create a portfolio suitable for exhibition.

Morning, afternoon, and night, we will be exploring and photographing different areas, back-alleys, and the people and various cultures within each unique area. Many days will be planned with group walks and activities in the morning, leaving afternoons and evenings free to explore individually or in small groups. It is the responsibility of each traveler to do your own research to plan how to spend your free time. You will typically have several hours each day to wander, explore, get "lost", and make your own discoveries. Read. Research. Decide, before we leave, what interests you in each area and what you want to see. And, if you decide to stay longer, there are many options. You could travel on to Rome, Venice, Prague, Paris, London, or any other beautiful and picturesque cities or countries.

This is a photographic adventure. We will not hold your hand each step of the way and tell you "what" to photograph. You will decide, much of the time, where to go, what to see, what to photograph, and what to do with your time. As artists / photographers, each of us will want to photograph different things at different times of the day. You will have this freedom. Plan your free time accordingly. Buy a good guide book, search online, watch videos, ask questions, and plan your own itinerary for your personal time.

We expect our 2015 tour to be very p[opular, so if you're interested, we recommend you submit your deposit and application ASAP. For more information, email us at: